Why I write.

As I’m sure most writers do, I get asked where the ideas come from.  

The truth is; I have no idea.  They just appear in my head, and make themselves at home till I do something with them.  I don’t write for the sake of thinking up new things, I write for the sake of writing.  It’s something that speaks to me in a way other things do not.  

My favourite part of writing, is that moment when suddenly your characters trust you enough to reveal themselves to you.  They roam around your head for so long, barely giving you an idea of why they are there, and then like a flood of insight, all the little bits and pieces of who they are, fall into place, and you understand why they are there.  You know their story.  You are now you are able to tell all of it.  

Sometimes I wish my characters had better timing though.  It’s often that I will have a great idea for my work at an inopportune time.  Like, say when I’m in front of that laptop and ready to write, instead of when I haven’t got a free hand to write down the idea before it leaves or 3am.  

I also like revisiting what I’ve written before hand.  While writing ‘Other Half’ I was very busy with other things in my life, business, children, and just life in general.  It kept me from writing often, and when I did have time to write, I felt so overwhelmed by what I had going on in my life, that the creative aspect of writing seemed weak and diminished.  But if I was able to read what I had already worked on, stuff that had already had a once over for basic editing, it was enough to turn on that switch give me the encouragement I needed and squeeze a few words or sentences out before I had to run to the next engagement.

Writing, for me, is like a voice that lives inside me that only comes out to play through written word.  


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