Book Launch Party Dos and Don’ts

Recently, I hosted a book launch party for Amanda Morrison’s first children’s book “Go to Sleep, Leona!”  Having never hosted a book launch party, I was a out of element on what exactly needed to be done to make this effective.  I thought about all the other product launches I have been a part of, and googled the rest.

Things I did right:

  • Quaint venue – I used a small, locally owned venue.  The owner was on site at the time of the launch and I feel this made things more comfortable for the guests.  The venue I chose also doubles as a gallery for local artists.  
  • Good, simple food – The owner of this location has amazing grilled cheese sandwiches, and she served these throughout the launch with simple veggies and dip.   So easy and simple.
  • Entertainment – I had a local musician play though out the launch.  It gave people something to look at besides myself.  I felt having the entertainment encouraged people to stay longer and mingle.  

Things I did wrong

  • There was no speech made.
  • I didn’t do a reading.
  • Not enough contacts to broaden my reader base for my newsletter.

All of these could have been solved with just one thing: Help.

Had I had someone to keep me on schedule, I would have been able to say the speech I had actually wrote, do the reading I pictured and wanted to do.  If I had someone to take care of book sales, I would have been able to get away from the desk more and mingle to encourage newsletter sign up.  If I had an MC, I would have had someone to help keep me with keeping the event on schedule and the reading and speech would have happened.  

The best thing I feel I did, however was wait to see the final sales count until well after the event, and when things calmed down, so as not to dampen or inflate my head anymore.  After the event, I went and celebrated the launch with friends and family, without knowing what the final count was.  I was able to celebrate the accomplishment of the product itself, and not numbers.  It made my night more enjoyable I feel.  

Below are some great articles I feel helped in the planning stages:

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