An elevator, a promise and a pickpocket

  “Yes, I sent those files to them last week…  I don’t know, I didn’t hear back.  I assumed so though since they called for a meeting.”
  The elevator door opens, and Glenn steps inside, mobile phone pressed tightly  to his right ear.  His right hand tightly grips the phone, with his index finger reaching around the top of the phone to touch to top of his right ear.  Each time he finishes speaking, his finger gently traces his ear, a  habit since he was a child.
Glenn surveys the other attendees on the elevator, pulls his shoulders up straighter before turning around to face the elevator door which had just closed behind him.
   To Glenn’s rear left, is a man in his late twenties.  The young man leans into the rail which runs along the back of the elevator with his right arm.   A slouchy toque holds back his hair as much as it covers his head.  A combination of aviator sunglasses, a thick well trimmed beard and a scarf wrapped triplicate around his neck do much to obscure his face.
   To Glenn’s left, a woman in her forties, whose head was no higher than Glenn’s shoulder.  The dusty rose business suit she wore missed it’s prime decade.  She takes a small step further to the right, closer to the elevator’s control panel as Glenn enters.  She looks to floor as Glenn turns around and stands beside her.
   Glenn pulls the phone away from his ear briefly, looks in the direction of the control panel.  “I’m going to floor 11.”
   “It’s already-” she says
   Glenn replaces the phone to his ear, index finger on its mark and returns to his phone conversation.   “No, no, it will be fine.  The proposal makes good business sense.  Why else would they have called a meeting?  Yeah, ok, the financials are a bit weak, but it will work.”
   The woman pushes the button for floor eleven, despite the fact that it has already lit up.
   “Listen, I’m on the elevator now so I may lose signal.  Yeah, I have that, hang on.”  Glenn reaches into his pocket for his wallet and shuffles through some cards stored inside.  “The guy I met is named John, however that’s not the person I’m meeting today.  I can’t remember his name.  He sounded young so it’s probably John’s assistant.  Here it is.  The number is 905 385 2354.  Of course we’re partners on this.  I’ll bring you along.  I promise.”  Replacing the cards, Glenn folds his wallet shut with a snap and reaches to return it to his left pants pocket.  “I’ll do some snooping around the office and see if there’s something I can send as a gift and follow up to the meeting.  Nothing wrong with greasing the wheels a little bit.  I’ll call once I’m back in my office.”  Glenn ends the call on his phone and puts the phone is his right pants pocket and crosses his arms in front of him.
   The elevator reaches floor seven and the door opens when it comes to a stop.  The dusty rose woman steps around Glenn and exits the elevator.  As the elevator doors close again, the metallic surface reveals Glenn’s reflection.  Using the reflection, Glenn straightens his tie, squares his shoulders and lets out a long breath.  He widens his stance and puts his hands in his pants pocket.  His right hand curls around the cell phone inside, and his left hand jingles the set of keys in the left pocket.  He moves his hand around in the left pocket, pulls the keys out, and switches them to his right hand.  His left hand goes back into the left pocket and searches some more.  Not finding the desired item, Glenn does the same thing to his right pocket; moves the keys back to his left hand, removes the cell phone from his right pocket and hands it to his left hand, moving with more speed but the same result.  His wallet is gone.
   “I just fucking had it” Glenn mutters to himself.  Turning to his right, he sees there is no one there.  He swivels his back to the left and sees the young man just behind him looking towards the floor.  He turns his whole body to face the young man.
   “Did you see my wallet?”  Glenn asks the young man.
   The young man looks up at Glenn and removes his glasses.  He opens his mouth as though to speak.
   “You’re the only one here and I literally just had it moment ago but now it’s mysteriously gone.”  Glenn says, taking a small step towards the young man.  “Did you take it, man?  Seriously dumb seeing as you have no escape route.”
   The young man, mouth still open, does not change his posture.  Glenn looks him up and down, sees the tears in the man’s jeans and continues.  “On your way to your social worker, are you?  Not sure how you’ll get your monthly hand out when I tell them you’re a pickpocket on top of being a lazy, self-entitled, drain on society.”
   The young man continues to lean on the elevator rail.  A small smile forms on his lips at the same time his brow furrows.  “Look down” he says.
  “Look down” the young man repeats and tips his head in the direction of something on the floor of the elevator.  Glenn’s reflexes have him look down at the floor to spot his wallet mere inches from his left foot.
   The elevator reaches floor eleven as Glenn stoops to retrieve his missing wallet.  The elevator doors open up.  The young man stands up straight, and steps towards Glenn.
   “Jason” the young man says, walking past Glenn towards the elevator door.
   “I don’t care what your name is, bud.” Glenn says, standing up and turning to face the young man.
   “That’s the name of the person you are meeting right now.  And I’m not his assistant.  I’m the owner.  John is new.  I’ll see you in there.“  The young man says and exits the elevator. 

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